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3 on 3 Rules

Game Times
The official game schedule does not come out until registration is over.
  • Teams play once a week on Sundays.
  • Rounds start between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm and last up to 60 minutes.
  • Your team's start time will vary from week to week. We try our best to create a balanced schedule for all teams. 

Game Format
  • 3-on-3, half-court
  • Scoring - 1's and 2's
  • Games are 10 minutes long. Each team plays 4 games a night. 32 games in total
  • 8 weeks of regular season games - (Top 4 teams in each division qualify for the playoffs)
  • Each game counts in the standings (win 3 points, tie=1 point, loss=0 points)
  • Jerseys - Each play needs to bring a dark and light (wihte) colored jersey. Each jersey needs to have a number on the back.

Contests- 3 Pt. & Free Throw
  • 4th week - free throw contest (all players compete)
  • 7th week - 3 point contest (each team will pick their best 3 point shooter to compete)
  • Points from both contest count towards their teams overall season "point total"
  • These contests are a great chance to gain some ground if your team is in a slump or a chance to jump way ahead and secure your teams spot in the playoffs.

  • 7 team fouls then, 1 free throw awared to team fouled - choose any player to shoot. Ball is live on the "miss".
  • A player shall be disqualified upon committing his 6th foul of any type (including technical fouls), or his second technical foul. Any flagrant, unsportsmanlike foul shall result in one free throw, automatic ejection and loss of possession. A technical foul shall be counted as a personal foul as well as a technical foul.

Change of possession
  • clear everything (even air balls)

Out of bounds
  • Walls and scoring table and are “out”.

  • If a team knows it will forfeit in advance of a game, it shall notify the opposing team captain and the League Office info@basketball4adults.com.

Final Call

  • The referee has the final "call", no arguring with the referee.
  • If you start to argue the ref will give you ONE WARNING and the second time you will sit out the rest of that game, if there is no sub then the team plays with 2 players until the next game.
League Champions: The winning team will be crowned "Champions" and recieve FREE "team registration" for the next season!